For a chosen few, music is written in the book of life. It is personal and it is palpable. For Houston, Texas based artist Breadman, it is both. Originally known by his childhood name “Lil West”, Houston, Texas rapper Jermaine Deshan “Breadman” West is a rising star. For an entertainer to become successful, particularly a rapper, he must be innovative and have endless hustle – two characteristics that have never been lost on Breadman.

From the time of his birth and growing up in the South Lawn Palms Projects, it was evident that Breadman would stand apart from his counterparts. With a keen talent and love of music and sports along with being blessed with intelligence, the resilient Breadman found a way he could truly express himself. Being a self-starter and easily motivated, Breadman is a force to be reckoned with – he has a drive like none other and that in and of itself, is helping to secure him a spot in the Who’s Who of the entertainment industry. He believes in the “Hard work pays off” motto and he is a testament of this – Breadman found his voice through music and as a result, he is able to give his testimony through his art. His HoodKat Music Group imprint is giving the streets what it has been missing, with much more on the horizon.

Though he survived some turbulent times that included several jail stints, Breadman always knew he was meant for a larger, more compelling purpose. In 2002, Breadman released his first mixtape. In 2004, he joined forces with “Gutta Boys”, a group that included childhood friends D. Gotti Monroe and ZaeDiddy. Breadman eventually formed his own entity that included a valuable street team, “Hood Kats”, a strong collective that churned out several successful and well-received projects, including “Breadman”, “Breadman 2”, and “Blessings 2 Da Streets”. His most recent song, “Dirty Money”, features Eddie Coke, with visuals directed/filmed/edited by the legendary Mr. Boomtown.

Breadman’s musical style is influenced by some of Houston’s most well-known acts, including Big Pokey, Sauce Walka, Propane, Ronnie Spencer, just to name a few. He aspires to one day soon collaborate with some of the greats, such as T.I., Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Drake, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and Jay-Z. With music as a stepping stone, it will not be long before he parlays his musical career into all-around brand expansion that includes stage plays, films, merchandising, and much more. Breadman’s brilliant marketing mind is displayed through the sheer genius that is his logo – one that is set to open the door to so many amazing opportunities.

One thing is for certain and that is that Breadman’s ability to broaden his lane in the entertainment industry will ensure his brand will become a household name, sooner than later. He can’t wait for you to be a witness to his coming victories.

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