Breadman’s “Dirty Money” debuts on This Is 50

New Single “Dirty Money” coming soon from Da Breadman ft. Eddie Coke

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Houston, Texas has long been known for its unique style of music as well as the unmatched grind and hustle of its entertainers. One of the hardest working music artists in the nation right now is Breadman. He’s teamed up with super crooner Eddie Coke to create the soon-to-be classic “Dirty Money”.

“I came up with Dirty Money one day, just sitting back thinking, “Man, I been hustling hard and putting it up like I’m supposed to; now I need to find a way to do legal business.” – Breadman

“Dirty Money” picks up where Breadman’s grind and hustle left off – it’s a tale of getting it out the mud and turning the hustle into legitimate businesses to ensure a strong and viable future for him – as well as his family. And Breadman’s done just that. Whether it’s his Hood Kats Music Group (HKMG) imprint, his HKMG Studio where the magic is made or his other business endeavors, Breadman is making sure to live up to his stage name. He not only gets “bread” – he also makes sure his team eats, an area in which a lot of fellow entertainers are lacking. One conversation with Breadman and you come to realize, he’s not only a humble cat, but he’s smart and quick to draw up a plan that will help further his music career – and provide a solid future for his corporate ventures.

Breadman’s laid back style and effortless flow is well-complemented by Eddie Coke’s extraordinary voice. “Dirty Money” is a perfect representation of a well thought out single. It’s proof that collaborations can be matches made in musical heaven.

“Eddie has a voice that can make everything come to life. Then on top of that, we work well together.”

“Dirty Money” is a song that’s a must hear – and it’s available for download and streaming everywhere music is distributed. The video is coming soon and is one for the records books, as it’s directed/filmed/edited by the legendary Mr. Boomtown. We’ve already gotten a peek at it. We can’t wait for it to drop so the whole world can experience it.

Listen/Comment/Share from Breadman’s Soundcloud and check out a sample of the upcoming “Dirty Money” video.

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